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Alfa Laval PureBallast 1500 m3/h reactor

Less cost & complexity in large-flow ballast water treatment systems


Alfa Laval PureBallast 3

Total solutions in ballast water treatment

Ballast water treatment is all about protecting the environment. But acquiring a ballast water treatment system is all about your needs: being able to sail smoothly, with timely deliveries and fulfilled obligations towards your customers.

Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 is the third generation of the leading ballast water treatment technology – and the first solution to be revised G8 ready. Type approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as well as by IMO, it offers unmatched performance in the most challenging waters. Surrounding it are total solutions in ballast water treatment, built on Alfa Laval’s deep knowledge, extensive resources, strong partnerships and well-developed service offering.


阿法拉伐 PureBallast 3是压载水处理 ballast water system Pureballast family

In the spotlight

Alfa Laval training puts skills in reach

Reliability and efficiency at sea depend on crew knowledge as well as equipment. On board, at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre and at other locations worldwide, Alfa Laval training courses provide the skills and insights needed.


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Owners of UV ballast water treatment systems reconsider and switch to Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.

Select an approved system

Use our selection guide to find the right type-approved ballast water treatment system for your sailing profile.

Computer-based training 

 Take advantage of PureBallast 3 Computer-Based Training (CBT) to get crews ready for what they’ll meet on board.

Everything you need to know

Take advantage of our decade of experience with resources covering every aspect of ballast water management.


Confidence from retrofit to resale

Your choice of ballast water treatment system is a choice for the future. Besides ensuring a smooth retrofit, Alfa Laval has the service solutions to safeguard your system’s performance and long-term value.

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