Service and support for Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber systems

When you choose PureSOx, you choose more than the most developed and well-established SOx scrubber system on the market. You also choose a global supplier with the skills, resources and comprehensive service offering to support your needs – today and tomorrow.

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Expert resources available for your scrubber decision

Take advantage of our leading knowledge in scrubber technology and emissions compliance with these free downloads.

Choosing a scrubber service strategy

When you use a SOx scrubber as the means to meet emission limits – such as those posed by the 2020 global sulphur cap – it becomes key to your vessel’s compliance and economy. Scrubber maintenance will have a significant impact on those factors, which makes it important to choose the right maintenance strategy and the right service provider to implement it. This white paper helps you explore the pros and cons of the different strategies available, including the use of data-driven digital services.

In Alfa Laval, we have a reliable partner

“In Alfa Laval, we have a reliable partner”

“As the most complete and proven SOx scrubber platform on the market, PureSOx was an obvious choice for us. But Alfa Laval is more than an equipment supplier. In Alfa Laval, we have a reliable partner who makes sure our vessels are always in compliance and that we get the most out of our investment.”

Juha Ahia
Manager for Newbuildings & Projects, Finnlines

Global service network

Alfa Laval has an extensive global service network, dedicated to helping you get the most from your PureSOx scrubber system. Our experts can be reached 24/7, wherever you sail.

Extending performance

Alfa Laval’s global service network keeps you competitive by minimizing costs and maximizing the return on your scrubber investment. By taking advantage of our skills and support, you can rely on your PureSOx system for cost-effective compliance throughout your vessel’s lifetime.

In key marine harbours, by phone, online or on board, our service experts help you achieve maximum uptime and the highest degree of optimization. Their knowledge is drawn from a century of marine industry experience, as well as proven experience in SOx abatement. Besides securing parts and performing maintenance, they can train your crew, troubleshoot complex issues or evaluate your scrubber equipment and make expert recommendations.

In port or at sea, our constant aim is to bring you peace of mind.

PureSOx scrubber services

Alfa Laval is a true marine supplier with a century-long track record of service. All that expertise is part of PureSOx, as well as the comprehensive PureSOx services found in the Alfa Laval 360° Service portfolio.

Your SOx compliance partner

PureSOx is the smartest choice for SOx compliance, backed up by the smartest range of service choices. The Alfa Laval 360° Service portfolio contains a wide range of services that secure the performance your PureSOx scrubber system. These include:

  • Condition Audit
    Ensure uptime and reduce the risk of unscheduled repairs with expert insights into the actual condition of your PureSOx equipment.
  • Exchange Programme
    Ensure compliance at all times through the regular replacement and recalibration of crucial PureSOx system sensors.
  • PureSOx Connect
    Based on the Alfa Laval Remote Emission Monitor (ALREM), PureSOx Connect helps simplify compliance and service. 
  • Spare Parts
    Ensure peace of mind and minimize downtime with fast, easy access to high-quality, OEM spares. 
  • Training
    Ensure optimal scrubber performance with improved crew skills in operation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting.

PureSOx performance agreement

While the many services of the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio can be used individually, you get most value by combining them in a tailor-made Alfa Laval Performance Agreement.

Customize your service agreements

Alfa Laval Performance Agreements are tailor-made service solutions that combine any of our services, based on your specific needs. To maximize your performance and reduce your operating costs, these agreements bring you peace of mind by minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. They also give you full control over your maintenance budget.

Performance Agreements give you:

  • Maximum uptime
  • Short payback time
  • Full control over maintenance budget

How it works

Our experts:

  • Discuss with you expected results, based on your goals and needs
  • Define tailored scope of services
  • Carry-out services on schedule, as planned, with continuous follow-up
  • Hold yearly review and improvement meetings to identify new opportunities and secure continuous improvements