Demand new standards
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The latest release

Now available with a full scope of configurations, the Alfa Laval T25 gasketed plate heat exchanger can provide a perfect match for the demands of both utility and complex positions. T25 units come standard with advanced features for improving efficiency, increasing reliability and simplifying service.

Alfa Laval T25

Meet Alfa Laval T25

The next-generation T25 is available with two plate configurations that helps you to boost energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. The T25-B is specially engineered for high-pressure applications that require the closest temperature approach such as:

  • General HVAC cooling applications and data center cooling
  • Energy transfer stations in district cooling networks
  • Pressure breakers in high-rise buildings or in district heating networks


Alfa Laval T25-P offers a durable and flexible heat transfer solution for industrial processes requiring the unit to perform reliably under tough conditions. Some examples are:

  • Heat recovery duties and amine interchanger
  • Service-intensive duties and crude oil heaters
  • Duties where reliability is crucial, such as offshore crude dehydration


All Alfa Laval T25 units feature next-generation technology:

  • OmegaPort™ noncircular ports, decreases pressure drop by up to 25% compared to circular port designs, which reduces pump energy consumption for lower overall operating costs.
  • CurveFlow™ distribution area, provides superior media flow in a smaller area which means more space on plate for the main heat transfer. This enables a smaller plate pack reducing the weight, footprint and maintenance cost. 
  • PowerArc™ plate pattern divider, increases plate stability, during assembly and in operation, which allows for operation with thinner plates. This leads to higher thermal efficiency, lower weight and adds to a sustainable environmental impact.

Next release

The next-generation Alfa Laval T10 will arrive later in 2018. It will gradually replace the Alfa Laval M10, the most versatile – and most copied – plate heat exchanger on the market today.

T10 represents yet another step forward. Because for Alfa Laval, being the best simply isn’t good enough. This next-generation workhorse retains all the versatility of its M10 predecessor, but with advanced new features for improved efficiency, reliability and serviceability.

Soon you will be able to truly demand new standards, whatever the application. Watch this space for more information.