Plate heat exchanger services: efficiency last for decades

A poorly functioning heat exchanger may affect safety, product quality and energy costs. Failure may lead to costly downtime and major losses in production. By regular and proactive maintenance of your gasketed plate heat exchanger performance is preserved and operations kept trouble-free and predictable.


We have the expertise to help you whether you experience a problem today, wish to prevent future issues or want to solve the problem yourself with our online troubleshooter.

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Watch the video to find our how Alfa Laval's comprehensive gasket plate heat exchanger service offerings can help to boost your energy efficiency.


By taking advantage of our services, you can:

  • Save energy and costs
  • Optimize uptime
  • Extend the equipment's lifetime
  • Reduce emissions

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Key service offerings

Cleaning-in-place (CIP)

If fouling should occur, an Alfa Laval CIP system provides quick and easy in-line cleaning without having to dismantle your heat exchanger. This comes with:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Production reliability
  • Lower maintenance cost


Reconditioning a gasket plate heat exchanger restores performance and reduces the total operating costs. It also:

  • Extends product lifetime
  • Improves thermal efficiency
  • Minimizes energy consumption


Performance Audit

A Performance Audit from Alfa Laval can determine the actual heat transfer performance of your heat exchangers. This helps optimize your maintenance plan and:

  • Ensure production reliability
  • Secure maximum throughput
  • Mediate your maintenance budget


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Connected solutions

Connected services help you monitor the conditions in your heat exchangers so that you can improve the sustainability, insight, reliability, and performance of your assets. By doing so, you can:

  • Optimize your maintenance plan and budget
  • Maximize production uptime
  • Reduce water and energy consumption, CO2e (CO2 equivalent)

Enable smart decisions

Spare parts for plate heat exchanger

Spare parts

With Alfa Laval Spare Parts, you can rest assured that the correct material is specified according to its intended use and:

  • Prolong equipment lifetime
  • Secure uptime
  • Minimize costs

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Integrity test for plate heat exchanger

Integrity Test

An integrity test identifies any potential leakages in your heat exchanger before they occur in hygienic applications. This is possible using a mix of hydrogen and nitrogen gas to detect small plate cracks. The key benefits are:

  • Product safety
  • Production reliability and equipment uptime
  • Compliance

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Technical documentation

All Instructions and Manuals Product leaflets Service leaflet

Alfa Laval M line plate-and-frame heat exchangers.pdf PD Sheet - M-Series Plate Heat Exchangers - EN.pdf

2018-06-18 263 kB

Alfa Laval M-Serie-BaseLine-FrontLine Gemini plate-and-frame heat exchangers.pdf PD Sheet - M-Serie-BaseLine-FrontLine Gemini Plate Heat Exchangers - EN.pdf

2018-06-18 616 kB

AQ line - AQ1, AQ1A, AQ1L, AQ2, AQ2A, AQ2L, AQ2S, AQ2T, AQ3, AQ4, AQ4T Manual_NL.pdf 200000284

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AQ line - AQ14, AQ14S, AQ14L, AQ18, AQ18TS, AQ20, AQ20S Manual_NL.pdf 200000424

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AQ line – AQ2T-BZM, AQ2T-PZM, AQ4T-BZM, AQ4T-MZM Manual_NL.pdf 200000993

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BaseLine® M line Manual NL.pdf

2018-06-18 4873 kB

Cooling insulation AlfaQ line_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 876 kB

Cooling insulation Industrial line_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 876 kB

Evaporators and condensers

2018-06-18 4147 kB

FrontLine ClipLine_Instruction manual_NL.pdf

2018-06-18 7364 kB

H4_Product leaflet_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 460 kB

H8_Product leaflet_EN.pdf

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Heating insulation AlfaQ line_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 907 kB

Heating insulation Industrial line_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 907 kB

Industrial line - M15, TL10, T15, TL15, T20, T21, TS20, T25, MX25, MA30, WideGap 100, WideGap 200 Manual_NL.pdf 200000418

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Industrial line - M3, M6, M10, T2, T5, T6, T8, T10, TL3, TL6, TS6 Manual_NL.pdf 200000279

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Industrial semi-welded line Manual_NL.pdf 200000419

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Instruction manual AlfaCond (NL).pdf

2018-06-18 1577 kB

Instruction manual AlfaVap (EN).pdf

2018-06-18 1780 kB

Port filter_Instruction manual_ENGB.pdf

2018-06-18 992 kB

Product leaflet Diabon.pdf

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaCond400_NL.pdf 200000062

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaCond600_NL.pdf 200000063

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaCond800_NL.pdf 200000064

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaVap350_NL.pdf 200000065

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaVap650_NL.pdf 200000067

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ProductLeaflet_AlfaVap700_NL.pdf 200000068

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ProductLeaflet_AQ1_NL.pdf CHE00091

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ProductLeaflet_AQ14_NL.pdf CHE00133

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ProductLeaflet_AQ14S_NL.pdf CHE00107

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ProductLeaflet_AQ18_NL.pdf CHE00108

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ProductLeaflet_AQ1A_NL.pdf CHE00092

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ProductLeaflet_AQ1L_NL.pdf CHE00093

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ProductLeaflet_AQ2_NL.pdf CHE00094

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ProductLeaflet_Base10_NL.pdf 200000027

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ProductLeaflet_Base11_NL.pdf 200000028

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ProductLeaflet_Base3_NL.pdf 200000025

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ProductLeaflet_Base6_NL.pdf 200000026

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ProductLeaflet_Clip3_NL.pdf 200000024

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ProductLeaflet_Front10_NL.pdf 200000096

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ProductLeaflet_Front15_NL.pdf 200000097

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ProductLeaflet_Front6_NL.pdf 200000032

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ProductLeaflet_Front8_NL.pdf 200000033

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ProductLeaflet_M10_NL.pdf CHE00072

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ProductLeaflet_M15_NL.pdf CHE00073

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ProductLeaflet_M3_NL.pdf CHE00070

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ProductLeaflet_M6_NL.pdf CHE00071

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ProductLeaflet_MA30_NL.pdf CHE0134

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ProductLeaflet_MA30S_NL.pdf CHE00123

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ProductLeaflet_Mline10_NL.pdf 200000029

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ProductLeaflet_Mline15_NL.pdf 200000030

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ProductLeaflet_MlineTS6_NL.pdf 200000073

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ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedM10_NL.pdf CHE00112

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ProductLeaflet_SemiweldedT10_NL.pdf 200000417

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ProductLeaflet_T15_NL.pdf 200001404

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ProductLeaflet_T6_NL.pdf 200001067

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ProductLeaflet_T8_NL.pdf CHE 0077

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ProductLeaflet_TL10_NL.pdf CHE00084

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ProductLeaflet_TL15_NL.pdf CHE00085

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ProductLeaflet_TL3_NL.pdf CHE00082

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ProductLeaflet_TL35_NL.pdf CHE00086

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ProductLeaflet_TL6_NL.pdf CHE00083

2018-06-18 429 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS20_NL.pdf CHE00088

2018-06-18 564 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS35_NL.pdf CHE00089

2018-06-18 952 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS45_NL.pdf 200006244

2018-06-18 471 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS50_NL.pdf CHE00090

2018-06-18 616 kB

ProductLeaflet_TS6_NL.pdf CHE00087

2018-06-18 496 kB

ProductLeaflet_WideGap100_NL.pdf CHE00121

2018-06-18 429 kB

ProductLeaflet_WideGap200_NL.pdf CHE00122

2018-06-18 467 kB

ProductLeaflet_WideGap350_NL.pdf CHE00124

2018-06-18 699 kB

T25_Product leaflet_FR.pdf

2018-06-18 619 kB

Ten top tips to keep your gasketed plate heat exchangers in tip top condition_Service description_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 354 kB

The_Smart_Heat_Exchanger_product brochure_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 2607 kB

Visual Condition Assessment for GPHE_service leaflet_EN.pdf

2018-06-18 503 kB
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More service offerings for your heat exchanger


Visual Condition Assessment (VCA)

Thanks to our unmatched heat exchanger expertise, Alfa Laval can perform a visual inspection of your gasketed plate heat exchanger while it is in operation, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. Using infrared camera technology, we also evaluate the actual heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger. We then provide you with recommendations based on our findings and analysis of the thermal images.

Visual condition assessment for heat exchanger

Skills and knowledge empower

When you buy Alfa Laval equipment, you buy peace of mind. But you must also rely on your equipment operators to get the job done. That's why competence development is invaluable to your everyday operations. If you have any specific need for training, let us know and we will get back to you soon. 

separator service troubleshootingv3

Online troubleshooter - be the expert

A leaking heat exchanger? Reduced thermal performance? Identify the causes of various issues you might experience with your plate heat exchanger, or even better – how to prevent them from happening, through our online troubleshooter. If needed our experienced and skilled troubleshooters are at your service.


Re-design and upgrade

Use technology to face new challenges with an upgrade or redesign them to optimize the overall performance. Our wide range of re-design and upgrade solutions ensure that your Alfa Laval equipment features the latest technology and continues to meet current and future requirements.

Whenever you need to make process or capacity changes, contact us so we can support you to optimize the process or increase efficiency.


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Cleantech Service Watts it worth 01

Service to optimize energy efficiency

Every year, the number of heat exchangers we service to optimize energy efficiency reduces our customers’ capacity needs by 50 GW. That is the amount of energy that can be generated by 10,000 wind turbines in the same timeframe.

In carbon emissions, 50 GW translates to a 25 million tonne reduction to our global footprint, or the carbon emitted by the city of London every year.

Imagine what we could achieve if the world’s industries regularly serviced their plate heat exchangers to optimize heat transfer efficiency.

Learn more

Alfa Laval Sustainable solutions Emission reduction

Energy Hunter Calculator

Did you know that servicing your heat exchangers at the recommended intervals will optimize energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, improve productivity, and reduce your total cost of ownership?

Tell us about your cooling system, operating conditions, and economic parameters. Let our calculator do the rest. Click below to find out how much you could save using our unique calculation tool.

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