Fresh Water Generators (FWG) Digital Training

Learning goals

You will have a practical familiarity with ORCA Offshore and AQUA Blue Offshore. The training allows you to explore and operate a 3D computer-simulated ORCA Offshore and AQUA Blue Offshore Fresh Water Generator (FWG). In ORCA Offshore you can start and stop the process both in auto and manual control via the HMI. For the AQUA Blue Offshore we have 3 different 3D simulators. First with hot water, second with hot water & steam and third with hot water and hot water loop. The 3D simulators have 10 fault situations which can be used for trouble-shooting.

The e-learning course is intended as a complement to face-to-face instruction, which is always recommended for in-depth ORCA Offshore and AQUA Blue Offshore operator training.

Target group





2-3 hours

Course content

ORCA Offshore and AQUA Blue Offshore Computer based training (CBT) is an online/offline training tool that introduce the ORCA Offshore and AQUA Blue system layout and provide an overall understanding of how to operate the FWG. It comprises three different modules:

  • Self-study covering basic desalination, working principle, product operation, system description, components, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • 3D simulation of the ORCA Offshore and AQUA Blue Offshore and its operation
  • Self-assessment

Additional notes

As an e-learning tool, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, ORCA Offshore and AQUA Blue Offshore CBT makes it easier to determine, improve and maintain operator’s competence level with regards to Fresh Water Generators. In this way, it helps rig owners and operators maximize the return of their equipment investment and feel confident in the operation.

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Computer Based Training

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