Alfa Laval CultureOne™

Premium separators for single-use biopharmaceutical processing

Small scale production meets upscale performance

It’s finally arrived: the market’s first premium separator for single-use biopharmaceutical processing. Alfa Laval centrifuges have long set the industry standard for top-quality cell culture separation. With the new Alfa Laval CultureOne, all of our unique innovations for gentle treatment and increased yield are now available in a solution for single-use biopharma processing. CultureOne brings maximum separation efficiency while creating new possibilities for processing cell-culture-based fermentations.

阿法拉伐 CultureOne™一次性生物制药离心机 Alfa Laval CultureOne™ Disposable Biopharmaceutical Centrifuge

Delivering true customer value to single-use biopharma processing

Click here to access an exclusive webinar featuring some of the separation innovation experts behind the development of CultureOne. Here, they explain how CultureOne’s unique design features contribute to proven performance in terms of improved yield, filterability and low additional lyses. You can also hear more about our recent study connected with Genentech, Inc., and published as a white paper by Bioprocess International.


Premium, proven performance. Learn more in our white paper.

CultureOne is a premium and scalable centrifugal separation system with single-use components. Thanks to our well-proven design features, it enables efficient separation with minimal lyses for new benefits in single-use processing environments. One recent study, for example, has shown that CultureOne can deliver yields of up to 98%. Read more about this in our new white paper.

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Superior processing with predictable and scalable performance

Alfa Laval CultureOne is a scalable platform, based on Alfa Laval’s well proven disc-stack technology to support the industry’s need for improved productivity.


True hermetic design: the best quality and safety guarantee

The secret behind CultureOne’s performance is the new Alfa Laval Spinsert™. This patented, replaceable and recyclable insert comes with all of our unique features, including Alfa Laval’s fully Hermetic Design, as well as the TopStream™ and UniDisc™ technologies.


Developed with the industry to meet today’s demands

Alfa Laval has partnered with leading biopharmaceutical producers to verify process performance under a wide variety of process conditions, ensuring CultureOne is a flexible solution to meet ever-changing process demands.


“In these extraordinary times when ‘health and safety’ is on top of everyone’s agenda, I am pleased to announce the launch of our unique system that facilitates and secure safe and efficient biopharmaceutical processing. Now we can offer a premium separation technology for more effective production of smaller batches of targeted treatments. It is beneficial for both our customers and the society.”

Nish Patel, President of the Food & Water Division

Ready for production – today

If you are looking to improve productivity in your single-use biopharma operation, there’s no reason to wait. CultureOne Primo is ready for production with all the documentation needed for validation in your GMP environment. Get in touch to find out more.

CultureOne Range - ready for production today

Why switch to single-use processing?

There are many reasons why more biopharma manufacturers are getting rid of sterilization equipment in favour of single-use processing solutions. Greater assurance of patient safety is key: just like single-use syringes in doctor’s offices, single-use technologies offer the best prevention of cross-contamination between batches. And single-use processing also means a reduced footprint and increased flexibility, making it possible to bring important new treatments to market faster than ever before.



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Doug Osman

Director, Life Science Technology

Alfa Laval is launching the first premium separator system for single-use biopharmaceutical processing

The biopharmaceutical industry has seen a major shift toward more flexible cell culture production systems that rely on smaller facilities with single-use processing equipment.


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