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Online tool Alfa Laval Explore predicts and improves separation performance

Alfa Laval Explore is an online tool designed to provide solutions to process industries that are facing separation challenges. Most process industries are looking for sustainable and innovative ways to raise product quality, become more resource efficient, and speed up process time. The Alfa Laval Explore tool can help customers to do just that.

The Alfa Laval Explore tool enables customers to determine if centrifugal separation is right for the duty at hand by accurately predicting separation performance. The tool is aimed at customers who want to stay competitive by improving their processes. It is also aimed at customers, like those in the chemicals industry, who require proof of concept to switch to centrifugal separation to achieve their performance goals.

“Few know how centrifugal separation technology works, and even fewer know how to assess it quickly. The Alfa Laval Explore tool demystifies the technology and provides customers with answers,” says Tom Manelius, Business Development Manager, Energy Separation, Alfa Laval. “Plus, the tool makes it easier for customers to get help from Alfa Laval when they need it.”

The Alfa Laval Explore tool helps customers evaluate how using centrifugal separation technology may improve their processes by providing accurate and convenient information on preliminary separator results. For customers who have separability data on hand, the tool predicts the window of operation to achieve performance goals, displaying this information on a clear and easy-to-understand performance graph. For customers who do not have data like particle size or droplet size distribution on hand, the tool shows them how to obtain the data through a series of straightforward lab tests.

And finally, the Explore tool provides a roadmap from predicting separation performance and conducting lab tests through to pilot-scale testing and fine-tuning before customers decide to order and install an Alfa Laval separator for large-scale production processes. The tool also gives customers insights into the test methodologies that Alfa Laval uses when recommending a centrifugal separation solution.

“For many, seeing is believing,” says Manelius. “Customers can actually test their separation processes onsite using the pilot-scale Alfa Laval Explorer centrifugal separator, which is easy to transport and easy to configure. This provides the proof many need to move forward to start using centrifugal separators or to improve separation.”

Navigate to Alfa Laval Explore: https://explore.alfalaval.com/


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