Preventive Maintenance for freshwater generators

Service from Alfa Laval specialists secures the uptime and efficiency of your freshwater generator. Alfa Laval has a comprehensive preventive maintenance programme that can be tailored to meet your budget, designed to ensure reliability and optimal performance over the lifetime of your equipment. By servicing your equipment only when necessary, you can ensure operational reliability and maintain performance.

What we do

Specially trained Alfa Laval service engineers perform preventive maintenance of your freshwater generator according to a well-defined scope of work that has been customized to your needs. Service is conducted on board your vessel at an interval based on Alfa Laval experts’ recommendations, depending on your specific conditions. The programme focuses on maintaining your unit’s efficiency to extend its lifetime and minimize total cost of ownership.

Thanks to Alfa Laval’s worldwide presence, preventive maintenance can be performed in most harbours around the globe. If your freshwater generator needs additional repair work, the service is available at a state-of-the-art Alfa Laval service centre.

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  • Delivers peace of mind and operating reliability
    • Reduces downtime and production losses
    • Promotes safe operation and prevents accidents
  • Offers ideal service intervals to meet your process requirements
  • Optimizes freshwater generator operation and maintenance costs
  • Delays investments
  • Extends the overall lifetime of the freshwater generator

Scope of service

Alfa Laval Preventive Maintenance is a service that can be tailored to meet both your budget and the specific needs of your vessel. The general offering includes:

  • Analysis of operating conditions
  • Recommendation of service intervals and maintenance plan according to the application
  • Onsite performance after one, two and five years of service
  • Supply of spare parts with OEM warranty
  • Service reporting
  • Recommendations for repair in a service centre, if needed

Based on expert experience, our service engineers employ the following step-by-step process:

  • System inspection
  • Disassembly
  • Equipment inspection
  • Renewal of wear parts
  • Assembly
  • Check and adjust
  • Function check and report

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