Net Zero Launch Event 2023

Welcome to our Net zero launch event #5!

The impact of smarter energy solutions for heavy process industry

According to the COP28 agreement, the world must double the rate of energy efficiency to reach net zero targets by 2030. Thus, using energy in the most efficient way is essential for meeting the increasing global energy demand while reducing CO2 emissions.

Since heavy process industry is one major energy consumer, there is much to gain by implementing smarter energy solutions. Investing in energy efficiency not only supports companies in meeting their sustainability targets but also boosts financial performance. Get insight on how to work with energy efficiency improvements in your plant, at Alfa Laval’s upcoming Net zero event  focusing on improving energy efficiency for heavy process industry.

Industry leaders and experts will take the stage to share valuable insights, best practices, and technological expertise on the matter. During the panel discussions, we will deep-dive into critical topics in the industry including:

  • The significance of energy efficiency – what practical solutions are available for implementation today?
  • The value of choosing the right technology and implementing effective maintenance strategies.
  • How investing in energy efficiency today can maximize your long-term savings.
  • Collaboration is key – how to improve energy efficiency in your plant through partnerships: learn from best practices.

DATE: September 18th
TIME: 15:00 CET
This online broadcast is free to join.


The importance of energy efficiency for reaching your sustainability commitments and industry’s contribution to the Paris Agreement

Mike Umiker, Executive Director, Energy Efficiency Movement 
Anna Celsing, VP Group Sustainability, Alfa Laval

How plate heat exchanger technology and maintenance strategies can improve energy efficiency in heavy process industry 

Matz Andersson, Principal Thermal Specialist, Alfa Laval
Sara Widestadh, Head of service Gasketed Plate heat Exchangers, Alfa Laval
Tobias Vernersson, Business Developer Energy Efficiency, Alfa Laval

Case – Liquid Wind:
The importance of partnership and early-stage collaboration

- Including a perspective from COWI, an engineering consultancy company.

Benny Mai, Chief Technical Officer, Liquid Wind

Karolina Albinsson, Senior Process Engineer, COWI 
Tobias Vernersson, Business Developer Energy Efficiency, Alfa Laval

Energy efficiency investments for maximizing long-term savings

Karolina Albinsson, Senior Process Engineer, COWI

Mike Umiker, Executive Director, Energy Efficiency Movement

Case – Dow Chemical:
A partnership for performance and sustainability
- Optimize performance throughout the process, with proper technology selection and maintenance strategy.

Sander Riga, Process Engineer Manager, Dow Chemical

Remco Harmse, Sales Manager Service, Alfa Laval 

Case – Boliden:
Successful collaboration for optimized energy efficiency and waste heat recovery

Ulf Degerstedt, Technology and Business Development Manager, Boliden
Lars Nilsson, Service engineer, Alfa Laval


MODERATOR: Jenny Jamot, Business Development Owner Energy Efficiency, Alfa Laval

Net-zero launch event

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Accelerating sustainable solutions

Together with our customers and our partners, Alfa Laval is accelerating the transition to more efficient, cleaner energy solutions and moving the circular economy forward. Our deep industry knowledges enables us to optimize customer processes, overcome the toughest challenges, and continue making the world better every single day.


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Meet our experts in the studio

Thomas Moller.jpg

Thomas Møller
President Energy Division, Alfa Laval

After finishing his Chemical Engineering degree at the Technology University of Denmark, Thomas joined an American company for 5 years. He worked with sales and the business development of separation technologies before joining Alfa Laval in 2002, where he has had several positions in sales, business development, strategy development, and execution.


Evgeny Rossiyskov 

Evgeny Rossiyskov 
Vice President, Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers, Alfa Laval 

Evgeny has more than 20 years of experience within the energy sector and has worked in several leading positions at Alfa Laval. He is a committed Energy Hunter who strives to leverage innovative energy solutions and make industries more efficient.

Eva  Anadersson

Eva Andersson
Senior refinery process specialist, Alfa Laval

Eva has been working in Alfa Laval’s refinery team for 18 years and is now a well-known profile in the industry. In 2007 she published a technical article highlighting the opportunities for lower energy consumption in the refinery industry. Since then, Eva has been helping numerous refineries around the world cut their scope 1 CO2 emissions by increasing efficiency with Alfa Laval’s heat exchanger solutions.

Osama Zaalouk

Osama Zaalouk
Business Development Manager CCUS, Alfa Laval  

Osama is a mechanical engineer and has had various roles in the renewable energy business. He has worked in the Middle East and Europe as a program manager, a technical consultant, and, most recently, supporting commercialization activities in business development and sales. His background is in energy systems, focusing on solar technologies and energy storage.

Karin Forsberg.jpg

Karin Forsberg
President Energy Separation, Alfa Laval

Karin’s passion for the role of smart technology in creating sustainable solutions has led her to work in a range of positions at large organizations and small entrepreneurial businesses. Whatever the subject, Karin is driven by the people around her to work together and make technology work smoothly in practice.