Marine and Power Separator Training

Learning goals

You will be familiar with how to optimize safety and ensure correct handling to prevent unnecessary wear and unplanned stops that can contribute to higher operating costs. 

Target group

This training is aimed at operators, technical staff and superintendents.


Training is held in Mumbai, Manila and Stockholm. 




3 days

Course fee

You will receive course fees together with other practical training information in your registration confirmation email. 

Course content

  • Basic separation theory
  • ALCAP theory
  • Heating systems
  • S-type separator
    - Disassembly
    - Parts identification
  • Fuel and lube oil handling
  • Marine & Diesel separator range
  • Separator operation, troubleshooting, discharge, intervals, cleaning
  • EPC 50 and EPC 60 Control System
  • Separator safety
  • Troubleshooting

 Additional notes

Our trainers have experience from working in the field and use a mix of theoretical and hands-on training. This will allow you any opportunities for questions and discussions.

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