The Emmie comprises a trolley-mounted centrifugal separator and electrical oil heater for use on ships. Moved between marine hydraulic systems, it removes water and 99% of all 2-5 μm particles from oil, increasing oil service life and system reliability.

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Increase marine hydraulic system reliability

The Alfa Laval Emmie is a portable marine hydraulic oil cleaning system that effectively cleans hydraulic oil, removing both 99% of all 2 - 5 μmparticles and 100% of the free water from oil used in hydraulic systems onboard ships. It meets the requirements for hydraulic oil cleaning in accordance to ISO Cleanliness Code 4406:1999 13/11/8.

Designed for use in systems such as CP propellers, steering gear and other marine hydraulic machinery, the Emmie consists of a disc-stack centrifugal separator, which can operate in purifier mode and clarifier mode, and an electrical oil heater. By prolonging the service life of marine hydraulic oils, the Emmie increases uptime, minimizes wear on maritime hydraulic equipment and reduces costs. In doing so, this portable ship hydraulic oil cleaning system generally pays for itself in less than a year.

Easy-to-use ship hydraulic oil cleaning system

Lightweight and compact, the Alfa Laval Emmie is easy to use and does not require any alterations to marine hydraulic machinery. Connecting the Emmie to a hydraulic oil tank takes just a few minutes. Then simply start the separator, start the pump and, after the oil flows through, start the heater. With its straightforward plug-and-play operation, the Emmie mobile marine hydraulic oil cleaning system cleans the oil at a flow rate of 80 - 120 l/h. No supervision is required once the system has started.

Extended service lifetime

The Alfa Laval Emmie effectively removes any water, airborne dust and particles from wear on paint, metal, plastic or rubber from marine hydraulic oils. By removing water from the oil, the Emmie prevents system corrosion as well as oxidation and subsequent decomposition of oil additives, which reduce oil service lifetime. This not only prolongs the service lifetime of marine hydraulic oil, but also reduces oil consumption and costs.

In addition, by removing the particles from the oil, the Emmie prolongs the service lifetime of hydraulic systems. Cleaner oils translate into more uptime – with fewer unscheduled production stops and fewer breakdowns due to solid particles that cause wear on parts and can clog equipment.

Reduced costs

Due to prolonged intervals between filter and oil replacements, the Emmie drastically cuts operating and maintenance costs, including those related to the purchase of new hydraulic oil and the disposal of used filter cartridges and used oil.

How it works

System components

The Emmie marine mobile hydraulic oil cleaning system consists of: a direct drive disk-stack centrifugal separator with two bowl sets; trolley withbuilt-on screw pump, collecting tank, separator and pump starters, pressure gauge, low pressure switch/water seal alarm; mobile electrical oil pre-heater with one-litre hold-up volume; and, standard hydraulic hoses with quick-release couplings.

Operating principle

The Emmie system can be arranged either as a purifier or as a clarifier.

The purifier mode is recommended when the oil is heavily contaminated with water because it offers continuous water removal. Here, centrifugal force presses any solids present in the oil along the periphery of bowl walls; accumulated solids are periodically removed by hand. Water is continuously discharged from the bottom of the bowl.

In clarifier mode, the water outlet is blocked. This mode is recommended when the hydraulic oil contains only traces of water, or none at all, due the limited water handling capability.