DOLPHIN - Two stage freshwater generator

DOLPHIN fresh water generators convert seawater into fresh water using vacuum distillation, ensuring fresh water with salinity levels below 2 ppm.

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The DOLPHIN range of fresh water generators is specifically designed for use on offshore drilling rigs or production platforms, providing a reliable supply of fresh water compliant with WHO standards for drinking water as well as domestic and process use, and at low cost.

DOLPHIN fresh water generators are based on the vacuum distillation process, and are available with capacities of 20–70m3/24 hours. They use sea water for cooling as well as feed water, using titanium plate heat exchangers as evaporators and condensers along with a stainless steel distiller shell.

DOLPHIN systems pave the way to optimizing offshore production performance by using waste heat from sources that include hot water or steam systems or diesel engine cooling jackets, at any temperature in the range 55–90°C.

DOLPHIN units feature automatic “start and forget” operation with continuous control and monitoring of fresh water quality. Built using titanium and other seawater-resistant materials, they feature an uncomplicated, compact design that ensures long service life as well as low operating and maintenance costs.

All DOLPHIN units can be pre-piped, pre-wired and skid mounted for easy, rapid installation, and their compactness makes it easy to fit them even in confined spaces.

They can be effectively supplemented with a range of other auxiliary products for offshore freshwater systems, including booster heaters, sterilizers, pH adjustment filters and remineralization units.

Overview of models available/capacities these provide

Features and benefits

  • Compact, reliable source of fresh water, fuelled by waste heat
  • Low operating costs and good environmental profile
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • Automatic “start and forget” operation
  • Seawater-resistant materials throughout
  • Exceptional reliability and long service life 

How it works

DOLPHIN fresh water generators operate on the basis of the vacuum distillation process. Both single and double effect models are available.

The sea water is taken from the cooling water outlet of the condenser. It is led through a plate heat exchanger where some of it evaporates as it passes between the plates, which are heated by the external heating medium.

The vapour generated by this evaporation passes through a demister where any drops of sea water are removed. The vapour is then led to the plate heat exchanger condenser, where the distillate is collected.
For maximum efficiency, the evaporation process takes place under vacuum at evaporating temperatures between 70°C and 45°C, depending on the number of effects. The vacuum is maintained by one single ejector.

The ancillary equipment in DOLPHIN units, including pumps, ejectors and brine extraction pipes, is configured specifically for use in offshore environments, in order to protect against corrosion and ensure trouble-free operation.

The DOLPHIN distiller uses only a single anti-scaling chemical.