Yeast cooler

The Alfa Laval Yeast Cooler is a pre-assembled module that offers breweries a compact, easily retrofittable unit that provides the gentle and rapid cooling that is essential to making top quality beers. The yeast cooling system is fully compliant with food industry regulations. This means that all components of the system in contact with process liquids are made of stainless steel with heat resistant seals.

Beer Cooler 预装啤酒冷却系统-Beer Cooler pre-installed beer cooling system

Reliable yeast cooling in compact format

  • Compact and sanitary design keeps footprint to a minimum
  • Quick and easy to maintain thanks to the yeast cooling system’s plate heat exchanger with easy-service Clip-On gaskets
  • A sanitary flow switch stops the cooling process immediately if the yeast flow stops to prevent freezing and prolong uptime
  • Comes pre-assembled on a skid and is factory tested before delivery
  • Designed for CIP and sterilization for easy and seamless operation and reduced downtime
Alfa Laval’s Yeast Cooler, alongside a host of well-proven yeast management equipment, provides cost effective solutions for your brewery. Besides yeast cooling systems, the experienced Alfa Laval team of brewery experts can help you with anything from yeast propagation to storage, from beer recovery from cropped yeast to waste yeast handling.

How it works

Yeast cooling process

The yeast is cooled in counter-current by a circulating coolant. An internal coolant recirculation pump is included when required by the application. This helps ensure the smallest possible temperature difference between coolant and yeast at all times.

Any stoppage in the yeast flow is detected by a sanitary flow switch, and the cooling is stopped immediately.

Control System

The Yeast Cooler is supplied with a PID controller to control the cooling operation. As an option, it can be supplied with a PLC. Relevant process data displayed includes yeast temperature and yeast flow (when a flow transmitter has been included in the scope of supply).

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Beer production

Everything you need for perfect brewing

Whether you brew the biggest brands, or the latest craft beer style, Alfa Laval can help you differentiate and expand.