Unique features

Thanks to its unique design, an Alfa Laval Packinox heat exchanger outperforms traditional heat exchanger solutions by far. Find out more about the unique features that make Alfa Laval Packinox the industry standard in catalytic reforming and paraxylene production.

Alfa Laval Packinox Explosion Forming
Explosion forming

Explosion forming maximizes reliability


The pattern on a Packinox heat transfer plate is formed by the shockwave from an underwater explosion. This one-step operation minimizes residual stresses in the plates, making them mechanically stronger. The end result is very high operating reliability and longevity.

Alfa Laval Packinox Wide Opening Design
Wide Opening Design

Wide Opening Design boosts heat recovery


Our patented Wide Opening Design plates have a special distribution area with minimal pressure drop. This gives you the highest possible heat recovery while keeping the overall pressure drop low.

Alfa Laval Packinox Lifting Controller
Lifting Controller

Lifting Controller increases flexibility


Setting the right ratio between the liquid feed and the recycle gas is crucial for high process output. Our Lifting Controller software allows you to continuously monitor lifting in your heat exchanger, making it easy to set the optimum gas flow.

Alfa Laval Packinox Spray Bar
Spray Bar

Spray Bar optimizes mixing


Internal mixing of the liquid feed and recycle gas is unique for Packinox heat exchangers. Our patented Spray Bar technology ensures perfect mixing, resulting in better heat transfer, less mechanical stress and more reliable operation compared to mixing in the inlet pipe.

Alfa Laval Packinox Lifetime Follow-up
Lifetime Follow-Up

Lifetime Follow-Up for maximum performance

We continuously collect and analyse operating data from Packinox heat exchangers in operation. This allows us to make recommendations on how to improve performance and when to plan service, all communicated in regular condition reports.