Alfa Laval - Increasing capacity

A heat exchanger for increasing capacity in power plants

DuroShell - A heat exchanger for increasing capacity in power plants

In the power industry, efficiency has never been more important than it is today. And that means having a heat exchanger with the capabilities to increase capacity has never been more beneficial.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers have long been standard equipment in power stations, but their bulky design causes a number of drawbacks. The equipment demands a great deal of space, limiting the number of units in operation. Alfa Laval DuroShell is a different kind of heat exchanger, with a compact plate-and-shell design that’s up to five times smaller than traditional shell-and-tubes. That means that they make it possible to greatly expand capacity within a smaller footprint.

And the size benefits of DuroShell are just the start. DuroShell also offers superior thermal transfer than comparable shell-and-tubes as well as conventional types of plate-and-shell heat exchangers. As a result, it can help plants increase efficiency and thereby create new processing opportunities.

Depending on the position in which it is placed, there are many other ways DuroShell can contribute to increasing capacity. For example, because DuroShell can perform condensation and subcooling in a single unit, it can maximize the potential for heat recovery. And this is still just scratching the surface – because as a truly robust and efficient solution, DuroShell means all new possibilities.

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