Unique features

Alfa Laval printed circuit heat exchangers combine superior robustness and integrity with an exceptionally high heat transfer rate and an extremely compact footprint. It’s all thanks to a unique design, based on our decades of experience in thermal transfer technology, with world-class features you won’t find elsewhere.


Alfa Laval PCHE with OptiBond for high-pressure needs
A robust and compact solution for high-pressure needs 

Alfa Laval builds printed circuit heat exchangers using a state-of-the-art diffusion welding (bonding) technology known as OptiBond. This process generates superior bond lines and grain metallurgy between the plates, resulting in a more durable, reliable and compact heat exchanger. OptiBond also opens up possibilities for full customization of the fluid channel design pattern.

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Alfa Laval PCHE with 3DPlate prevents clogging under freezing conditions
Prevents clogging under freezing conditions 

Alfa Laval has developed a patented 3D plate pattern that addresses freezing in cryogenic applications. This creative design allows water-based fluids, such as glycols, to continue moving across the plate even when cold areas become frozen. As a result, it is possible to maintain the highest efficiency and uptime. 

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