2018-10-30 Product news

Alfa Laval launches online knowledgebase for separation technology

Alfa Laval, a global leader in high-speed separation technology, is launching a new initiative to make it easier than ever for customers to find the right solutions for their business needs. The Separator Innovator is an online knowledgebase containing informative separation resources for a variety of industries and applications, all based on Alfa Laval’s 130 years of experience.

“We are proud to be continuing Alfa Laval’s long-standing tradition of innovation,” says Anette Nord Holfve, Communications Manager for Disc Stack Separators at Alfa Laval. “Our founder, Gustaf de Laval, invented the world’s first separator technology in 1883, and we have been continuously reinventing it ever since. We decided to call this initiative The Separator Innovator, because that name speaks to the heart of who our team is – and who we have always been.”

A vast assortment of resources – in one convenient location

The Separator Innovator will contain a diverse array of resources on Alfa Laval separation technology, as well as general industry information that may be of interest to customers. The materials featured will include everything from case examples and product animations to informational videos and technical documentation.

Additionally, the knowledgebase has been designed to offer support for the widest possible range of industries and applications. It will feature information relevant to separation technology for marine use and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as food production, breweries, biotech and much more.

“With centrifuges used in so many different types of businesses, we constantly introduce new products and technologies, with 15 launches planned for 2018 alone,” notes Anette Nord Holfve. “The Separator Innovator offers customers a central place to find all the information on the latest breakthroughs for their industry.”

The latest separation innovation

The website will also include information on eMotion™, the newest disc stack separator release from Alfa Laval. Now available for Alfa Laval’s Brew 701 beer centrifuges, eMotion™ eliminates air friction between the bowl and frame, thereby reducing the load on the separator’s motor.

“eMotion™ is a breakthrough concept that can cut the energy consumption of a disc stack separator by as much as 70%, in addition to minimizing cleaning and cooling needs,” explains Anette Nord Holfve. “It’s a perfect example for why we truly think of Alfa Laval as the market’s leading innovator of new separation technologies.”

To learn more about Alfa Laval eMotion™ and other disc stack separation products, visit the new Separator Innovator knowledgebase at www.alfalaval.nl/separatorinnovator




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