2017-11-01 Product news

Alfa Laval DuroShell is ready to drive the shift to smarter heat exchange

With new production capacity, Alfa Laval is ramping up its roll-out of the Alfa Laval DuroShell plate-and-shell heat exchanger. Superior in its thermal performance and durability, DuroShell surpasses both shell-and-tube heat exchangers and other solutions of its kind.


Plate-and-shell heat exchangers have long promised a better solution for high-demand duties than traditional shell-and-tubes. With Alfa Laval DuroShell, that promise is thoroughly fulfilled. Not only compact and efficient but also highly resistant to fatigue, DuroShell takes plate-and-shell performance to a new level.

“With Alfa Laval DuroShell, customers have experienced remarkable process gains while reducing footprint and maintenance needs,” says Franck Lhenry, Global Sales Manager for welded heat exchangers at Alfa Laval. “To support demand as the word continues to spread, we’ve made major investments to boost our production.”

A plate-and-shell with more to offer

Like conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers, DuroShell is compact, lightweight and far less prone to fouling than shell-and-tube solutions. But DuroShell takes the advantages further, offering 15–20% higher thermal efficiency, higher operating pressures and an extended life with focus on reduced fatigue.

The secret is DuroShell’s unique internal design, which allows both single- and multi-pass arrangements. The laser-welded plate pack is comprised of cut-wing plates, whose patented roller coaster pattern ensures maximum turbulence and expansion without weak spots. Distribution tubes running through the plate pack further increase its strength.

Power and petrochemicals in focus

DuroShell is appropriate for many demanding duties, but it has much to offer the power and petrochemicals industries in particular. In power, where bulky and maintenance-intensive shell-and-tubes are common, it can prevent fouling and add capacity within an existing footprint. In petrochemicals, where many have already converted to plate-and-shells, it provides greater versatility and a solution that is more resistant to pressure and temperature fatigue.

“Alfa Laval DuroShell offers the clearest reasons for power and petrochemical customers to convert from shell-and-tubes,” says Franck Lhenry. “For those who are already convinced, its additional benefits make replacement of conventional plate-and-shells well worth considering.”

To learn more about Alfa Laval DuroShell and Alfa Laval’s approach to demanding heat exchange duties, visit www.alfalaval.nl/duroshell




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