Condition Audit for Aalborg boilers

Periodic inspections of a boiler or waste heat recovery system in the form of a Condition Audit for Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers are a smart way to handle preventive maintenance and to protect uptime against common boiler failures.

A Condition Audit for Aalborg boilers determines the actual condition of your boiler system, identifying service needs before they impair performance or cause an unplanned shutdown. The information the inspection provides can be used to take corrective actions, but also to optimize maintenance schedules for performance and reliability. 

A Condition Audit can also be used as pre-inspection in preparation for major repair work.

Condition Audit can be performed anywhere in the world and are carried out on board by a skilled Alfa Laval field service engineer. Our experts are able to inspect boilers of any type or brand.


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  • Reduced risk of breakdowns or even off-hire
  • Savings through planned corrective actions rather than expensive emergency repairs
  • Opportunities to take advantage of new technology and upgrade possibilities
  • Improved crew knowledge and verification that makes recommendations are being followed
  • Long-term cost savings through optimized maintenance schedules

Scope of supply

Inspection report
Present the findings of the inspections, including:

  • Inspection of water and steam side
  • Inspection of fire and gas side
  • Check of insulation, refractory, casing, supports, soot, blowers and sliding feet
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Repair or upgrade proposals (when applicable) with payback analysis

Inspections of a boiler system, which includes its pressure parts and safety systems, involves the following activities specified in the report

  • Check/calibration of instrumentation and valves
  • Mechanical/visual inspection of water and steam spaces, furnace and burners
  • Check of process parameters, both historical and during running conditions
  • Verification of air system function, including controls and functions/leakages
  • Inspection of feed water control system condition and function

Follow-up review
Conducted with you to work out an optimized maintenance schedule and determine which actions will be taken

Condition Audits for other brands

Alfa Laval can inspect boiler and waste heat recovery systems of any type or brand, but is of course specialized in Alfa Laval Aalborg systems and related brands (Aalborg, Sunrod, Unex, Wieslock, Saaloc, etc.).

Scope of service

  • Review of equipment condition
    Performed periodically to optimize maintenance schedules, increase reliability and minimize costs through corrective measures
  • Pre-inspection
    Performed before any major repair job to assess damage/wear and identify the causes of poor performance

Inspection methods

Inspections are performed with the latest and most sophisticated detection and verification methods, including but not limited to:

  • Ultrasonic and fibre endoscopy
  • UT gauging
  • DPI testing
  • MPI testing

Additional methods, such as replica metallography, can be arranged via a third party.