The Unique Single Seat Valve ATEX meets the highest demands of your process in terms of hygiene and safety. Built on the well-provenUnique SSV platform it is ATEX certified to be used in environmentswith an explosive atmosphere.

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Versatile and reliable single seat valve

Alfa Laval Unique single seat valves (SSVs) are robust and reliable pneumatic seat valves that are supremely reliable and versatile.

Modularity provides cost-effective and nearly endless possibilities for purpose-built seat valves that meet high standards of hygiene and aseptic compatibility. Configure the Unique SSV valve bodies, plugs and actuators to meet virtually any requirement. 

Our Selection Guide illustrates the many combinations of features and types available with the Unique SSV valve range.  

In the US and Canada the Unique 7000 corresponds to the Unique single seat valve.

Superior valve process safety

The Unique SSV range is built on a proven modular platform used on more than a million valves in service worldwide. Pressed from a single stainless steel disc, the valve body is extremely strong and durable, thus ensuring production safety. The enhanced performance of the actuator makes operation safer and more efficient.

Exceptional valve hygiene

The Unique SSV range is engineered to provide excellent hygiene and cleanability. With a surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8μm, the smooth, weld-free valve body eliminates crevices that can trap bacteria. The design of the plug supports enhanced cleaning-in-place capabilities, and a double-acting lip seal that minimizes any risk of cross-contamination.

Alfa Laval Unique SSV valves meet most hygienic standards requested in the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries. The Unique SSV range is EHEDG-certified and authorized to carry the 3-A symbol. The range also provides full traceability in compliance with the EU Food Regulation 1935/2004.

Please refer to Documentation for more information.

Greater valve durability

To ensure high sealing quality, the Unique SSV range features defined compression of the O-rings with metal-to-metal contact between plug and seat. This significantly reduces wear and extends valve service life. The standard Unique SSV is supplied with a semi-maintainable actuator that has a five-year warranty.

Low total cost of ownership

Thanks to its straightforward, reliable design, the Unique SSV range provides long service life, reduced product loss, greater product safety and more processing uptime. Few moving parts reduce service requirements and inventory costs. More effective CIP procedures with reduced cleaning cycles and, subsequently, the reduced use of cleaning fluids, water and utilities also contribute to the Unique SSV’s low total cost of ownership.


The Alfa Laval Unique SSV range consists of one, two or three valve bodies, plug, sealing, actuator and clamp ring. 

Avantages du produit

  • Extrêmement fiable et polyvalent
  • Des possibilités économiques et quasiment infinies
  • Extrêmement solide et durable

Catalogue produits

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Principe de fonctionnement

L'Alfa Laval Unique SSV est une vanne à clapet simple à commande pneumatique, contrôlée à distance avec de l'air comprimé. La vanne possède généralement deux orifices de fonctionnement, pour l'alimentation en air et pour l'arrivée d'air de traitement. Sur les vannes d'inversion, un troisième orifice est requis.



  • Actionneur pouvant être entièrement entretenu
  • Actionneur pour haute pression
  • Joints en contact avec le produit en HNBR ou FPM 
  • Joint de clapet TR2 en PTFE pour applications spéciales 
  • Appareils de détection et de contrôle de vannes, y compris ThinkTop, ThinkTop Basic et IndiTop
  • Raccords conformes à la norme requise
  • Finition de la surface externe 3-A brillante  

Vidéos de service et d'entretien à 360°

Vannes Unique à clapet simple Alfa Laval - actionneur pouvant être entretenu

Vannes Unique à clapet Alfa Laval simple : remplacement de la bague de guidage de l'actionneur

Vannes Alfa Laval Unique à simple clapet : joints d'étanchéité en contact avec le produit

Vannes Unique Alfa Laval à simple clapet : remplacement des joints d'étanchéité en contact avec le produit