Purification or clarification of mineral oils used in marine installations and power stations (fuel and lubricating oils).

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Separation takes place in a solids-retaining bowl that can be arranged for either clarification or purification. In both cases, the contaminated oil is fed into the separator through the centre, and it is separated by centrifugal force into its various phases, the heaviest phase (sludge and water) being forced outwards to the periphery of the bowl. The accumulation of sludge is periodically removed from the bowl by hand.


The oil is pumped, heated, and separated as shown in the figure. A liquid seal in the separator bowl prevents the oil from escaping through the water outlet. If this seal is broken, an alarm device is activated. With unmanned engine rooms, the
signals are transmitted to a remote control unit. When the seal is broken, the three-way valve shuts off the oil feed and the oil is recirculated until the fault is corrected.

Basic equipment

  • Dirty oil inlet device.
  • Clean oil outlet device with sight glass.
  • Water outlet spout.
  • Liquid seal water inlet.
  • Set of gravity discs.
  • Clarifier parts comprising discharge collar, top disc without neck, and bottom disc without holes.
  • Revolution indicator.
  • Set of resilient mountings.
  • Set of Standard Spare Parts.
  • Built-on gear type pump (combined feed/discharge pump).

Extra equipment

  • Electric motor.
  • Starter.
  • Set of tools.
  • Set of recommended additional spares for long-time service.

  • Flexible connections.
  • Preheater.
  • Alarm device for broken liquid seal.


Modèle standard

Séparateur à rétention de solides comprenant un châssis avec, dans sa partie inférieure, une transmission horizontale avec patins d’embrayage et frein, roue et  vis sans fin et un arbre de bol vertical. L'engrenage à vis sans fin est installé dans un bain d'huile.

Le bol est fixé en haut de l'arbre à l'intérieur de l'espace formé par la partie supérieure du châssis et le chapeau de bol qui supporte également les systèmes d'alimentation et d'éjection. Le chapeau de bol est pivotant pour faciliter l'accès pour le nettoyage du bol à paroi pleine.