Aalborg OM-TCi

Aalborg OM-TCi is a vertical cylindrical steam boiler with a high capacity range. OM-TCi has been developed based on our well-proven technology and long experience.


Aalborg OM-TCi (formerly MISSION™ OM-TCi) is a vertical cylindrical steam boiler in the capacity range of 8,000 - 20,000 kg/h. It has been developed based on our well-proven technology and long experience.

The best features of the well-known UNEX™ CHB and MISSION™ OM boilers have been incorporated into the new boiler design.

Features and benefits

  • Vertical cylindrical marine boiler
  • High thermal efficiency range 89 - 92% already in standard design
  • Tailored PLC-based control system with touch screen HMI
  • Ready to install
  • Designed for operation with a rotary cup burner or steam atomizing burner 



Aalborg OM-TCi consists of a large furnace with gas-tight membrane walls. A sufficient number of downcomers ensures safe natural circulation, and adequate furnace dimensioning guarantees good combustion, moderate loading and low material stresses.

Convection part

The cylindrical shell surrounds the smoke tubes. These smoke tubes have enhanced heat transfer features guaranteeing low exhaust gas temperature and thus high efficiency.


The standard boiler can be delivered with an Aalborg Industries burner with fully automatic operation and control. The burner is designed for a high turndown ratio with complete combustion at low oxygen levels. Alfa Laval Aalborg’s KB rotary cup burner or Aalborg KBSA steam atomizing burners are offered based on application or customer preference.

The Aalborg KBSA steam atomising burner is designed for use on our side-fired boilers and can be delivered premounted. The use of oil flowmeter and modulation of the atomizing steam pressure ensures a stable combustion at all loads, also in the lower end. All burner mountings are arranged to ensure easy
installation and maintenance.

  • Capacity range: 1.7 – 46.9 MW

Control system

The burner and boiler can be monitored and regulated by Alfa Laval Aalborg's’ own panels such as Aalborg Control, Aalborg Control Touch or the self-diagnostic Aalborg Steam Pilot safety and control systems.

High efficiency and environmental concerns

The upgraded thermal design with optimized flue gas oxygen content ensures a total efficiency of 89–92% depending on boiler load conditions, which is in average 6% above the typical boilers in this capacity range. This means less fuel consumption and lower CO2 and NOx emission levels. On a 16,000 kg/h boiler operating 5,000 hours at 75% load every year, this means USD 130,000*) saved on fuel cost annually.

*) at the fuel price of 500 USD/ton

Design data

  • Thermal output: up to 14 MW 
  • Steam capacity: 8,000 - 20,000 kg/h 
  • Design pressure: 10 bar(g) 

Ship types

  • Cruise Vessel
  • VLCC tanker
  • Suezmax tanker
  • Aframax tanker
  • Panamax tanker
  • FPS unit